The New Look

I am bald. I can’t hide facts and reality... people who know me, know exactly how I used to look... but not anymore.

I did something that changed my life... something that boosted my self-confidence and my appearance.

Being bald is not easy, especially if it concerns you a lot and you like long hair...

When I was young I had very nice hair...

At the age of 18 however I started losing it... I used to see my hair falling down whilst showering. It felt like my own hair was betraying me. It wasn’t easy and I used to get worried very often! Mind you that did not help because stress quickens the process of hair loss.

I’ve spent a lot of money in products that prevent hair loss but it was all for nothing! By the age of 20 I was already bald and I used to shave my hair to hide it.

So what did I do you might ask? My answer is a hair replacement system.

Feel free to get in touch should you need more information.

I will be publishing another blog post on this subject very soon! infact am working in it right now ;) Cyaaaa

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It’s been a while since I’ve decided to create this blog and now finally it’s live :)



2018-07-24 15:06:21

Awesome article!! well done and keep it up


2018-07-25 14:24:36

Wowwww!! Need more info! and thanks for sharing your story!


2018-07-25 14:35:26

Thanks for sharing your experience! As they say “Where there’s a will there’s a way”

No Name

2018-07-25 14:51:13

It's you again Matt. Glad u did it and you're happy with the result. Keep it up!


2018-07-25 15:00:49

Please write a blog on the experience and the change you felt! So looking forward! Thanks a lot!


2018-07-25 18:31:24

Complimenti !!

Matthew Borg Carr

2018-09-08 10:09:29

Thanks everyone!!


2018-09-08 16:52:32

How much i need 5500 grafts

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