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People constantly need services and they need them NOW.

They have no time to browse directories or else wait for the right business to pop up on their favourite social network.

People need a platform where they can find their favourite services and discover new ones... And businesses need a place to be visible. MyHurryApp is a platform that transforms prospects into paying customers without any middleware.

MyHurryApp, both the app and via its desktop version (i.e. website accessible from computers/laptops) is meant to bridge the gap between the consumers and the businesses in a revolutionary way, by offering a simple, user-friendly search engine so that if a consumer (by way of example) needs a hairdresser, by typing “hairdresser”, “hair”, “hairsalon”, the list of hairdressers will be populated. MyHurryApp, also allows consumers the possibility to look up businesses individually by typing the business name, or by browsing the Category and its relevant Sub-Categories, so that if a hairdresser as per above example is needed, one would browse the Beauty and Well-Being Category and then choose the Hairdresser sub-category.

myhurryapp mobile and laptop

With MyHurryApp, consumers can then send a request to multiple service providers (such as the hairdressers as per above example) with just one click. It saves time, money and the businesses who can help out will reach out to them. Consumers always use MyHurryApp for free.

With MyHurryApp businesses have a pocket full of prospective clients. It is ideal for start-ups and freelancers but also established businesses who want to maintain their business exposure and who do not normally have time to follow social-media requests for their services. Businesses can choose one out of the four packages available, the cheapest starting at 29.99 EUR for a period of six months. Additionally, MyHurryApp allows businesses to try the cheapest package for free for 3 months with no obligation to renew.

Through MyHurryApp, depending on which package they choose, businesses can also promote special offers as well as fill up any last-minute cancellations / appointments. Businesses who opt for certain packages can also send out a real-time notification to all MyHurryApp users of such special offers / last-minute cancellations / appointments. This is an excellent tool for businesses such as restaurants on a busy day such as Mother’s Day where a table of 10 people might cancel but there might be others out there urgently looking to find a table since they were late to book.

MyHurryApp also features a map where all businesses are positioned. Consumers can get directions via GPS to the business, as well as add such business to favourites, chat, get opening hours as well as other contact details. MyHurryApp’s calendar also reminds the consumer/business two hours before the appointment, as well as prompts them afterwards to leave a rating on their experience.

Notifications are always direct and in real-time. There is no time-wasting and consumers/businesses are immediately and directly connected. That is why our mission statement is: Exposing businesses and immediately connecting the World to them. We are offering an easy way for consumers to find businesses for free whilst at the same time keeping exposure/marketing for businesses very affordable.

We will be offering a membership card to whoever registers with MyHurryApp. This card will offer benefits to all users. We also run competitions on the app itself in conjunction with social networks. By inviting people from the app itself, a counter is set off, which tracks (not who but) how many invites one has sent out. The ones who invite more people increase their chances to win.

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